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Since the 25th of may of 2010, radar detectors are legal in Spain. It´s legal to own it, to install it and use it.

In the other hand, jammers has been prohibited. If you install one of those electronics on your car or used it and you get caught you will be fined with 6000 euros and 6 points of your spanish driving license. Also your car can be confiscated if there are indications of a jammer installation on your it. You will have to pay the cost of the whole procedure.Your car can be hold till you uninstall the jammer.

The spanish traffic authorities have some RDD (model: Stalker Spectre IV) but most common way of being caught is your attitude to "camo-speed cams", so try not to brake very hard if you are close to one of those speed cams or patrols.

If you get caught, the traffic authorities have the right to search you BUT just looking/walking around your car without touching ANYTHING. If they ask you to open your bonnet, proceed but remember that they can only search you superficially.

As you are non-spanish-national you will have to pay the ticket at that moment by credit card or cash (which has to be inserted in a envelope, no into the agents pocket). Remember to sign the ticket.

If you are a GPS-Navigator user you can check out the following website to download the Hot Spots (POIS)

See you!!!

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