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Spanish traffic authorities have various stuff for speeding.

The most common one is the Multanova 6F, this model works in Ka-band 34,3GHz and you can find it stationary or hidden; nowadays they represent the 90% of the speedcams in Spain.

There is another radar working in Ka-band 34,3 GHz, it is the Indra Cirano 500, it is made in Spain and you can find it in very few places always working in stationary mode. In the last year some Ramet AD9 have been installed but they are more or less the same as the Indra Cirano 500.

The EYP-SCAP RAI-2002 is also a spanish brand Ka-band speed cam but its working frecuency is 35,5GHz. There are also very few Radarlux Tempocam which uses the K-band 24,125GHz (try no to activate it, as you are going crazy by the false alerts) and some Lasercam NT. You can find also induction speedcams as TRAFFIPAX, GATSO TYPE36 or SPEEDCURB. Always in stationary spots.

By far the most dangerous speedcam model in Spain is the Autovelox 105 SE, is italian made, and works as a laser barrier radar. 95% of them are hidden, and always in very strange places.



Some Local Polices around Spain have their own speedcams, the most common one is Lasercam LTI.


For more info and pics go to and get familiar with them:

We highly recomend, if you are a GPS-Navigator user to check out the following website to download the Hot Spots (POIS). 

See you!!!

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