Speed Cameras Attacked in Italy, Germany, Kuwait, Poland


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Speed cameras smashed, traffic cameras shot, a speed trap hiding spot is destroyed in Italy, Germany, Kuwait and Poland.

Speed cameras around the world faced a variety of attacks last week. In Kuwait City, Kuwait yesterday vigilantes shot and destroyed the automated ticketing machine on Al-Abdali Road, Al-Watan Daily reported.

Likewise in Fivizzano, Italy, vigilantes blasted a pair of speed cameras with a shotgun on Monday. The devices had issued tickets on Highway 62 in Villafranca, Il Tirreno reported. Since the devices are located away from an urban area, police have no idea who might be responsible.

In Arrach, Germany vigilantes did not directly attack a speed camera. Instead, they eliminated a favorite hiding spot where police staged their mobile speed cameras behind a set of trees. When police arrived on the scene early last Tuesday, they found the three trees at the entrance to Seepark-Parkplatz had been cut down, leaving them with no place to hide, the Mittelbayerische newspaper reported. Police have no suspects.

Vigilantes set fire to a speed camera in Pomerania, Poland last Sunday. The device on the route between Chojnice and Czluchow was set on fire around 6am, Polska Dziennik Baltycki reported. Automated ticketing machines in the area generally issue citations at a rate of 200 per day. This device will be out of commission until its pole and internal wiring can be replaced.

While Polish police have no suspects in the firebombing attack, they did catch a suspect who destroyed a speed camera in the town of Nysa just after 11pm last Tuesday. Police accused a 32-year-old man of smashing the lens of the photo radar unit on Pilsudski Street.

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