Amplifier Cone for STI-R


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Hello to all and Hola todos.

For the first I would like to apology that I speak here in English. But this is the only foreign language that I can speak so far. So, sorry for that. Also I would like to note, that this part of forum is marked as a "International forum", that's why I did write here in English . . .

Radar Detectors Forum

international forum. News and reviews

Coming back to the topic. Thanks to this community I have DDM also, even if I live on the other side of EU. This what I'd like to share isn't some high-end test, but just a simple draft of what DDM can do with your M3R's RR.

Multaradar CD detection before:



Multaradar CD detection after, with DDM:



Multanova 6F before:



Multanova 6F after, with DDM:



Sorry, that some runs have Voice ON, some other also Amute ON, but like I said it is just some draft and for me it was a goal to compare if I have mounted my STi-RM+ properly or not. But anyway, even that detection range isn't impressive, this increases the distance with DDM is impressive.


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