France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Burned, Blinded, Bombed


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Vigilantes attacked a number of European speed cameras this week. On Wednesday night, wine-making militants from the Languedoc region set fire to a pair of speed cameras in Carcassonne, France. According to l'Independant, the group CRAV (Comite regional d'action viticole) attacked devices that had been located on the road between Gruissan and Narbonne. The group also attacked a camera in Peyriac-de-Mer on September 28 and another pair of cameras last year.

In Viccio, Italy, vigilantes blew up a speed camera on Thursday. The device, located on the provincial road 551 toward Florence, had been pried open and an explosive device tossed in, according to La Nazione. The inner workings of the camera were destroyed and police have no suspects.

In Quickborn, Germany a speed camera on the B191 was burned for the fourth time in three years, Wendland Net reported. In Leverkusen, vigilantes busted the lens on a speed camera flash unit, RP reported. In Leipzig, a pile of tires stacked up under a speed camera were used to create a massive bonfire last Sunday, Sachische Zeitung reported. The camera was completely destroyed in the blaze

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